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Just Been Diagnosed

You have just received your thyroid medical tests results which confirm you have a thyroid disorder. Please make sure you are given copies of all the results for your record. This will help in case you move house or you change medical practices.

What Do You Do Now?

You have found The Australian Thyroid Foundation (ATF) which is a positive step. The ATF can offer to educate and support you with the most up to date information through the many services provided by the organisation.

Membership of the ATF will give you the best opportunity to ensure you understand your thyroid condition and you have the right information all thyroid patients need, when speaking to their doctor about the next steps in Achieving Good Thyroid Health. Membership to the ATF helps fill in the gaps and gives you the time and understanding needed, with one on one support when needed. 


You can join online now and access information through our Member’s Section on The ATF website.

Thank you for visiting the ATF website. We hope the information provided so far has been helpful and we look forward to being of assistance to you through our Membership Services.

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